I support Lloyd because he has taken an interest in the wellbeing of our the Ball 4 All program since the moment he first graciously attended a session at Sacred Heart School. His impact on our program has been nothing short of a blessing. Without Mr Longfield's vision, awareness, and his ability to tap into resources previously unknown to us, twenty youth who have and are pursuing higher education would not have benefited from being paid to be coaches at my camp. With his help, these kids were able to enhance their communication and public speaking skills through performing paid developmental clinics in basketball. 

I,personally, have watched Lloyd interact with the youth in our program and have seen them come away from the experience as though they had actually been listened to. This is a rare and important thing. Youth often feel unheard. Lloyd Longfield always listens and then engages, sets a plan, and IMPLEMENTS the plan.

Thank you Mr Longfield for being a principled, honest, resourceful, hard working voice representing our citizens in parliament! 

Steve "Shaker" Cuevas
Founder - Shake True Hoops Basketball Development Services and Ball 4 All