I support Lloyd because he balances social issues with economic issues. I got to know Lloyd while in Ottawa participating in the Daughters of the Vote program. It was awesome to get to talk with him and connect on our common interest of supporting people in the Guelph community. While I was with Lloyd in Ottawa, he took the time to give us a tour of Parliament and made sure that we got the pictures that we wanted. This simple act demonstrates his ability to quietly tend to the needs of others and to recognize ways in which he can make people's experiences better. Lloyd genuinely cares about Guelphites and has been working hard to bring Guelph concerns to Ottawa. If you have a conversation with Lloyd, you will be able to see clearly his passion for our community and his vast knowledge of the intricacies of the socio-economic situation in Guelph. He knows Guelph and is proud to share how amazing Guelph is with the rest of Canada. Lloyd has my vote because of his experience has a business owner in Guelph, his strong belief in supporting those in our community, and his eagerness to learn about our community members. I hope you, too, will consider voting for Lloyd Longfield on October 21st."

Joanna Valeriote - Guelph resident 
Daughters of the Vote representative