Under our current Liberal Government, Canada's Unemployment Rate is at a 40-plus year low. And Guelph has one of the lowest Unemployment Rate in the country. That alone should see MP Lloyd Longfield returned to Ottawa for another four years.

But there are many other reasons to support Mr. Longfield. He's steered countless federal investments into Guelph's research and manufacturing sectors, always with a goal of spurring on innovations with economic and environmental benefits for all citizens. He's the genuine article -- an highly approachable MP who genuinely loves the work of representing a thriving riding. Under his leadership on the federal level, Guelph has become a model for all small cities in Canada.

Over recent years, internationally, it's been said that "The world needs more Canada." Well, based on all measurable metrics, Canada needs more Guelph. And Guelph needs more Lloyd Longfield." 
Alex Boon