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Lloyd has demonstrated his relentless work ethic , his commitment to the divergent interests within the City of Guelph and his ability to act decisively on behalf of all citizens. His integrity and ability to build consensus is clear to all. I'm proud to support his reelection."

Don Drone
Former Director Wellington Catholic District School Board

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It has been a great honor and pleasure to have known and worked with Lloyd for a great length of time. He is a truly committed and a caring leader who has worked diligently as the Member of Parliament for Guelph for the last four years to champion various community projects. With his outstanding leadership and enthusiasm, Lloyd will prove to be an excellent choice to represent Guelph when re-elected for the second term."

Anu Saxena                                                                                    
President, Board of Directors -Guelph & District Multicultural Festival

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Lloyd is the person that I had a small part in hiring for the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. I would have to say that he far exceeded the expectations that he would do a good job. He did a great job and moved things forward with great energy, fun and purpose for both industry and the city in general."

Martin Stocker
President - Metalumen

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Lloyd Longfield is a superb representative for Guelph in the parliament of Canada. I admire his remarkable ability to listen, engage, and work with all sectors in the community. Compassion, bridge-building, and a passionate resolve to leave the world a better place are essential components to his moral compass. All of these qualities have grown through his first term in Ottawa."

Doug Minett
Co-Founder The Bookshelf 

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Lloyd Longfield continues to have GUELPH and the surrounding area first and foremost in his mind. In all committees and caucus meetings, he is always looking for ways to better GUELPH. I believe that we will see four more years of this support from Lloyd for the Royal City!"

Ray Stultz
Board Chair, Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington County

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As an immigrant, I was impressed with Lloyd's very early involvement in Guelph's immigrant services and his subsequent support and assistance for Guelph's recent Syrian refugees. A person with Lloyd's compassionate views are sorely needed in today's environment."
Morris Twist
Past Executive Director, United Way Guelph Wellington
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Lloyd has been a very strong and active voice for Guelph and Canada during his first term.  I have personally sat on committees such as the River Run Centre Board with Lloyd and always found his input balanced and in the best interest of Guelph. Lloyd's presentations on behalf of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce to City Council were similarly well thought out and put forward."

Karl Wettstein
Former Guelph City Councillor Ward 6 2000-2003, 2006-2018 

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Lloyd has been a strong advocate for health care in our community. With a strong belief in caring communities, Lloyd consistently brings people together to explore new and greater possibilities. I saw this first-hand when Lloyd brought our federal Minister of Health to Guelph to listen to us and hear our real issues and priorities."

Ross Kirkconnell
Executive Director - Guelph Family Health Team

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It is without hesitation that I endorse Lloyd Longfield to be re-elected the Member of Parliament for Guelph. I have the pleasure of calling Lloyd a close friend and can speak strongly to his enthusiasm, honesty and collaborative approach to service in our community.  As a small business owner, I am also acutely aware of Lloyd's proven record in creating economic opportunity. Without a doubt, he will make a very strong representative for Guelph in Ottawa."

Mairin Viol 
Registered Massage Therapist

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Lloyd is a terrific Member of Parliament and we are fortunate to have him as our representative as he connects well with everyone he meets. At the federal level, he is involved with and strong on innovation, environmental and economic initiatives. We are most proud of the fact that he is effective in 'bringing Guelph to Ottawa and bringing Ottawa's priorities to Guelph."

Michael Balnar
President, Balnar Management 

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I have known Lloyd Longfield, both professionally and personally, for a long time and believe that he is the best person to represent Guelph in Ottawa. He cares deeply for the community, supports a new energy economy and works hard to get things done. I whole-heartedly endorse him as our next MP."

Arni Mikelsons
Founder - Northern Village  

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Lloyd has worked for newcomers and advocating for issues of immigrants such as unemployment and underemployment, easily reachable to each community,and well recognizes the needs of our communities. I am confident Lloyd will continue representing us in Ottawa and raise voice on behalf of local communities in Guelph."

Deepak Bhattarai

"Lloyd is one of the hardest working people in Guelph and it shows in the projects that he has supported during his time in Ottawa. Lloyd has supported Guelph's housing needs through the new National Housing Strategy, has encouraged growth of Community Energy Initiative and has been an active lead in connecting the very important Youth Wellness Hub discussions with federal supports. Four more years of Lloyd’s leadership and compassion will be good for all corners of our community."

Curt Hammond

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I first got to know Lloyd Longfield nine years ago as part of small group that came together to create Innovation Guelph.  Since that time I have observed first hand the countless hours and efforts that he puts into this community.  I also know that Lloyd is one of those rare individuals who holds politicians accountable for the tax dollars they spend and understands that some of those dollars are needed to support our community and protect our environment.  I have no doubt that Lloyd will be an honest and active advocate for Guelph as our MP in Ottawa.

Kirk Roberts
Principal Tyrcathlen Partners
Petrie Building Visionary 

Lloyd represents us federally but lives with us locally.  He is an active member of the Guelph community. He knows what matters to us and is accessible to all of his constituents.  He cares about, and is proactive in promoting the economy and culture of our community. His vision of our country is one of fairness, diversity, inclusion and acceptance. It has been my great honour to work with him around some issues that are of both local and national concern.  He not only has my vote and support but my admiration. I am proud to state that I stand with Lloyd, the Liberal Party, Prime Minister Trudeau, and their ideals of what this country is, and what it can become."

Eric Walters 
Acclaimed Canadian Author
Order of Canada Recipient

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Lloyd Longfield has provided strong representation on the issues that matter to residents of Guelph. Lloyd cares about seniors, middle class, business, innovation technology, students, teachers, farmers, the arts, children, diversity, families, mental health, trade and poverty in Guelph. Guelph is stronger because of Lloyd. We need him to continue to represent us in Ottawa.

Go Lloyd Go!

Liz Schroder, Longtime Liberal

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I support Lloyd because he believes in working together, irrespective of party affiliation he would help you even if he has to go out of the way. Lloyd, over the past 4 years has become an integral part of the Muslim community of Guelph. His thoughts and work on immigration and support for the University of Guelph has been very strong.  His views on businesses, taxes and health care are above board.

I wish him all the best.

Amir Riaz

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I support Lloyd because Lloyd Longfield is a dedicated representative for Guelph in the Parliament of Canada. I found him remarkable person who has been engaging with compassion with our community and helping in bridge-building with other communities He has been our voice in the Parliament Hill, Ottawa. He is passionate to resolve the Canadian issues to make Canada and Guelph a better place to live. We highly recommend him to be elected for the second term based on his outstanding performance through his first term at the Parliament in Ottawa.

Tariq Cheema

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I support Lloyd because he has taken an interest in the wellbeing of our the Ball 4 All program since the moment he first graciously attended a session at Sacred Heart School. His impact on our program has been nothing short of a blessing. Without Mr Longfield's vision, awareness, and his ability to tap into resources previously unknown to us, twenty youth who have and are pursuing higher education would not have benefited from being paid to be coaches at my camp. With his help, these kids were able to enhance their communication and public speaking skills through performing paid developmental clinics in basketball. 

I,personally, have watched Lloyd interact with the youth in our program and have seen them come away from the experience as though they had actually been listened to. This is a rare and important thing. Youth often feel unheard. Lloyd Longfield always listens and then engages, sets a plan, and IMPLEMENTS the plan.

Thank you Mr Longfield for being a principled, honest, resourceful, hard working voice representing our citizens in parliament! 

Steve "Shaker" Cuevas
Founder - Shake True Hoops Basketball Development Services and Ball 4 All

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Lloyd has done an excellent job in his first term as Guelph's MP. Lloyd has continued his commitment to community engagement by holding numerous town halls to capture the voice of Guelph. He is accessible and continues to be visible in our community. Lloyd continues to be a strong advocate for Guelph securing numerous investments to help build our community. Through his work, investments continue to build our green and diverse economy while supporting important community services which support many of Guelph's priorities. I have been proud of the work Lloyd has done for Guelph and look forward to future years of his representation of our community.

Aaron Blair, Guelph resident


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Lloyd represents the very best of what we all expect from our Member of Parliament in Ottawa. Lloyd works in a truly non partisan manner for all members of our community be they individuals, businesses, educational institutions or municipalities. Lloyd is and will continue to be our best voice in Ottawa .
Lloyd delivers for Guelph."
John E. Valeriote
Longtime Partner - Smith Valeriote Law 

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I support Lloyd because he engages with Guelphites and responds to concerns with a personal touch instead of responding with generic answers that conserative politicians do who I also have engaged with. Lloyd is very friendly, sincere now, same as he was back in 2013 when I first met him at the youth workshops that were offered at the Chamber of Commerce when he was CEO. I trust that he will continue to speak out for Guelphites. I will vote Liberal again."

Yanna Stengos 
Guelph Resident

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Over the years, Lloyd has been such a strong champion for Guelph, for new innovative businesses and for the agriculture and agri-food industries. Lloyd has understood the importance of innovation to Canadian industries and been out front leading the efforts in his ongoing support for the critical importance of innovation to Ontario's and Canada's future economy . The yardsticks have moved forward at least partly because of Lloyd's leadership. We are very lucky indeed to have Lloyd representing our interests in Ottawa and the interests of all Canadians."

Dave Smardon
President and CEO - Bioenterprise Corporation

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I’ve known Lloyd Longfield for a long time, and I believe that he's the ideal person to keep moving Guelph and this country in the right direction.  Lloyd is an optimistic and forward-looking Liberal, who resolves big issues, empowers people, and expands economic opportunities. Since I know this community well, I know Guelph will continue to be well-served by having Lloyd as our representative in Ottawa.”

Frank Valeriote
Former Member of Parliament for Guelph

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Thank you Lloyd, you are a strong supporter of not only your constituents, but for all of those voting for you and those not. We see your work here in Guelph every day."

Renate DeForest, Guelph Resident

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I support Lloyd because he is very supportive of all groups and sectors of people in Guelph. He works hard in Ottawa for all of us. He is very approachable, engaging and friendly, and somehow manages to appear at all community events."

Heather Proctor, Guelphite

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Under our current Liberal Government, Canada's Unemployment Rate is at a 40-plus year low. And Guelph has one of the lowest Unemployment Rate in the country. That alone should see MP Lloyd Longfield returned to Ottawa for another four years.

But there are many other reasons to support Mr. Longfield. He's steered countless federal investments into Guelph's research and manufacturing sectors, always with a goal of spurring on innovations with economic and environmental benefits for all citizens. He's the genuine article -- an highly approachable MP who genuinely loves the work of representing a thriving riding. Under his leadership on the federal level, Guelph has become a model for all small cities in Canada.

Over recent years, internationally, it's been said that "The world needs more Canada." Well, based on all measurable metrics, Canada needs more Guelph. And Guelph needs more Lloyd Longfield." 
Alex Boon

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I support Lloyd because he has been at the heart of the Guelph community for as long as I've known him. I first met Lloyd when he was the President and CEO of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. He shared my belief that businesses had a responsibility for helping making the world a better place. Lloyd would always try to attend events that were hosted on campus by the student body and was always willing to meet to discuss any issue. As our MP Lloyd has continued his advocacy for Guelph, helping keep us a leading community in Canada. I am proud to have him represent the needs of everyone in in the Guelph community in parliament."

Gavin Armstrong 
Founder and CEO - Lucky Iron Fish

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I support Lloyd because he cares about women's rights and the issues youth face. As a recent University of Guelph Aluma and a past member of Lloyd's Youth Council I have seen the passion and dedication Lloyd has for his community and his constituencies. He knows climate change is an issue that matters most to young Canadians and he continues to create an eco-friendly and sustainable Guelph. As someone who has been mentored by Lloyd I know he cares about having more women in leadership positions.
This is why I support the re-election of Lloyd Longfield."

Sarah Thomas,
University of Guelph Alumna 
Daughter of the Vote Representing Guelph

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I have great faith in Lloyd Longfield's integrity.  We have worked closely on youth mental health and addiction issues in Guelph and Wellington County and Lloyd has supported our efforts to transform the way that youth mental health services are delivered.  He is true to his word and I believe he is in politics for the right reason.  His proven record over the past four years is indicative of his commitment to this community."  
This is why I endorse Lloyd as Guelph MP for another term. 
​Cyndy Moffat Forsyth 
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I support Lloyd because he balances social issues with economic issues. I got to know Lloyd while in Ottawa participating in the Daughters of the Vote program. It was awesome to get to talk with him and connect on our common interest of supporting people in the Guelph community. While I was with Lloyd in Ottawa, he took the time to give us a tour of Parliament and made sure that we got the pictures that we wanted. This simple act demonstrates his ability to quietly tend to the needs of others and to recognize ways in which he can make people's experiences better. Lloyd genuinely cares about Guelphites and has been working hard to bring Guelph concerns to Ottawa. If you have a conversation with Lloyd, you will be able to see clearly his passion for our community and his vast knowledge of the intricacies of the socio-economic situation in Guelph. He knows Guelph and is proud to share how amazing Guelph is with the rest of Canada. Lloyd has my vote because of his experience has a business owner in Guelph, his strong belief in supporting those in our community, and his eagerness to learn about our community members. I hope you, too, will consider voting for Lloyd Longfield on October 21st."

Joanna Valeriote - Guelph resident 
Daughters of the Vote representative

As a former Guelph Gryphon and now a  Winnipeg Blue Bomber, Lloyd has helped me tremendously to get to where I am today. It is a no brainer to support Lloyd." 

Johnny Augustine 
Winnipeg Blue Bombers - #27 Running Back
University of Guelph Alumni and Gryphon Running Back

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Lloyd has a long history of public service. Since being elected, he has worked tirelessly on behalf of his constituents and the city of Guelph. Lloyd has a long track record of working collaboratively with others in order to "get things done" and finding resolutions to current issues. He is a strong proponent of the environment and will not hesitate to tackle the controversial challenges related to climate change. I believe Lloyd has earned the public's trust and will be supporting him on Oct. 21." 

Jim Furfaro
Former Guelph City Councillor 2010-14

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I support Lloyd because he is active in this community, because he's a reasonable person who cares about people and the environment"

Trudy Lebans, Guelphite

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As a Member of Parliament for Guelph for 15 years, I know the kind of dedication to your community it takes to be a Member of Parliament and public servant. Lloyd has shown himself to be a committed and active member of the community who works hard to represent the best interests of his constituents in Guelph.  Lloyd has shown that he is an engaged leader who has earned the support of Guelph constituents for another term.

Hon. Brenda Chamberlain 
Member of Parliament - Guelph (1993 -2008)

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My family supports Lloyd because he has been superb in representing the community of Guelph and in Ottawa. Lloyd is a very diligent, and caring person whom we can be proud! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Lloyd. We look forward to your continued service and in MOVING FORWARD.

Sheree Laycock, Guelphite

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I support Lloyd because he has publicly stated his commitment to work with other parliamentarians to take bold action on climate change. See www.cooperateforclimate.ca. I voted for Lloyd in 2015 to defeat Steven Harper. I believe he wants help Guelph and Canada achieve zero emissions by 2050. I endorse Lloyd even though I oppose the purchase of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. We need a national unity government to tackle the climate emergency.

Brian Ostrow, Guelphite

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From my very first meeting with Lloyd, I was impressed by his integrity, his intelligence and his quick understanding of the heart of the fair remuneration for artists issue I brought forward. I was born and raised in Guelph and I believe Lloyd Longfield is the best person to take us into the new decade.
Miranda Mulholland
Musician, Artist, Sawdust City Music Festival Founder, Guelphite

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I support Lloyd because he is quietly determined to make the connections that lead to positive change for our community here in Guelph and across the country. Lloyd tirelessly seeks out the people who can inform decisions and bring them together to focus the message and share it with those who need to hear it most.

Danny Lui, Pharmacist and Small Business Owner 
Prime Care Pharmacy Arboretum 

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I endorse Lloyd Longfield because I feel he is the best candidate for Guelph. Lloyd Longfield and the Liberal Party have made significant investment to the infrastructure of Canada, committed strongly to skilled trades training, and repealed anti-union legislation from the previous government. This is why I support Lloyd Longfield as the Liberal candidate for Guelph.
Dino Celotto
President - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Local Union 804

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