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My commitment to the people of Guelph is to not leave anyone out of the conversation as we work together to build a brighter future.

By working together we will #ChooseForward  

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Environment Plan Post

How The Four Federal Parties’ Climate Plans Stack Up

October 6, 2019
The reviews are in.  Recently, a respected climate scientist and an economist joined forces to review the four major parties climate plans. They found that the liberal plan was ambitious while recieving top marks for being feasible and practical. Click here to read the full article. → read more >>

Choose Forward

Read our platform - Forward - A Real Plan for the Middle Class

September 30, 2019
Since 2015, we’ve been making real progress together to invest in the middle class, grow an economy that works for everyone, and protect our environment. But there’s still more to do. In October, Canadians have a choice to make: keep moving forward, or go back to the politics of the Harper years. We’re ready to Choose Forward — and keep... → read more >>


Investing in Health Care - Delivering Pharmacare

September 24, 2019
We’re incredibly lucky to live in a country with universal healthcare. But, there’s still room for improvement — our system doesn’t cover all the things we need today. And we’re going to change that. No matter where you live, who you are, or what you do, you should be able to get the care you need to be healthy.  And... → read more >>